Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are requiring higher levels of automation than ever before to meet the demand for faster production and time to market. The ever-growing industry as a whole has the need to increase production and decrease time to market to account for the rising healthcare demands. By increasing automation and efficiency and maximizing uptime, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are increasing their profitability while also meeting safety regulations and other compliance measures.

FDA and other regulations require the biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to have stricter regulations on consistent products, in a safe and controlled environment. By understanding these regulations and your company’s needs, Quantum Solutions can custom build and program a control automation system to keep up with the ever-changing biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing requires a high level of safety measures, compliance requirements, and efficiency to increase profitability. Using a fully integrated automation control system can increase efficiency, safety, and productivity. Quantum Solutions creates customs solutions to help solve your manufacturing setbacks.

With over 20 years of experience in control systems automation, Quantum Solutions has completed a variety of projects for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Using real, world experience our electrical engineers have designed, programmed, and implemented a variety of automation control systems for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

As experts in a variety of custom processing systems, our engineers utilize the latest PLC, HMI and communications technologies to implement the most up-to-date control and automation system for your needs, improving your manufacturing productivity.




At Quantum Solutions, our experienced engineers provide control systems and automation integration to some of the world’s leading companies. We implement reliable, integrated systems that allow our clients to enjoy optimal profit.

In order to be efficient and productive, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing systems need to produce high quality products, while also meeting compliance requirements and an efficient rate. In the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, there is a requirement for transparency information by the FDA, therefore choosing to automate systems in order to collect and report accurate data. This ensures that all production processes in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries are consistent and meeting requirements and regulations.

Quantum Solutions can design, program, and help implement a custom automation control system to help improve product safety and increase profits by eliminating bottlenecks and increasing overall system efficiency. Using extensive, real world experience our engineers understand your challenges and design a solution to your manufacturing problems.

All projects completed by Quantum Solutions include the following pieces:

  • Complete electrical design
  • PLC and HMI Programming for 2 new conveyor lines
  • Operator and maintenance training
  • System Documenation

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