Waste & Water Treatment

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Water and wastewater treatment facilities are vital to any city or municipality and must work efficiently to service its customers. Without water and waste treatment systems working efficiently, productivity would decrease along with quality. With water treatment being such an integral part of any community, a fully integrated system is necessary.

According to the EPA, “for many municipal governments, drinking water, and wastewater plants typically are the largest energy consumers, often accounting for 30 to 40 percent of total energy consumed.” With a large push for sustainable water solutions and energy efficiency, it’s time for waste and water treatment facilities to update their systems in order to:


Increase efficiency


Decrease energy usage


Minimize cost


Decrease downtime

Our engineers have the experience and skill set to provide solutions for all water and waste treatment facilities. Quantum Solutions creates custom control automation systems for a variety of industries, including waste and water treatment.

Quantum Solutions provides


Exceptionally high level of service


Rapid response and round-the-clock client support


Best-in-class solutions with maximized ROI

Waste and water treatment facilities provide a necessary service to consumers who rely on them for clean water as well as proper waste treatment, therefore the system needs be extremely reliable. Outdated legacy treatment equipment and systems could cause hazards and processing issues. It is vital for waste and water treatment facilities to maintain efficiency and control over each portion of the process.

At Quantum Solutions, we take the time to get to know you and your company and support you with the same team of professional engineers from the beginning of your project to ongoing support. We have a history of building successful, long-term relationships with our clients, providing reliable 24-hour customer support. Our engineers have the experience and skill set to provide solutions for all water and waste treatment facilities.

At Quantum Solutions, our experienced engineers provide control systems and automation integration to the world’s leading companies. We implement reliable, integrated systems that allow our clients to enjoy optimal profit.

We have extensive, real world experience partnering with small start-ups, large corporations like Prairie Farms Dairy, and Fortune 100 companies such as Kraft and Coca-Cola.

Waste and Water Treatment
Quantum Solutions has worked on extensive waste and water treatment projects that fully integrated the entire facility into one cohesive, automated system that can be easily monitored. Projects have ranged from installing telemetry systems, water and waste pumps, monitors, filtration systems, and much more. With our prior knowledge, experience, and versatility, we build custom automation systems that meet your facility’s specific needs. Quantum Solutions provides the same team to work with your facility throughout the process to ensure we fully understand your unique needs, challenges, and work processes.

As an example, a project for a water treatment facility included installing a radio telemetry system using Motorola radios and Allen Bradley PLC’s. Setup a polling system where the main water treatment plant acted as the master and cycled through each of the eight remote sites, reading pump speeds, tank levels, and water line pressures.

The complete process of the project included:

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