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Programmable Logic Controllers, or more commonly referred to as PLCs, are rugged digital computers adapted for the control of manufacturing processes.  PLCs control all inputs and outputs of the system, and the controller integrates with HMIs to more effectively control and monitor the manufacturing line. PLCs take inputs from sensors, switches, HMI user inputs, and other integrated parts of the manufacturing line and then control outputs to automate the process of creating a product.

Quantum Solutions has over 20 years of experience in PLC programming for a variety of industries. We use our real-world experience and knowledge of your business’s manufacturing processes to custom program PLCs to work efficiently and effectively. We program a variety of different processors as well as provide support and troubleshooting for your PLCs.

Quantum Solutions has extensive experience in custom Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and HMI programming. After the custom electrical design is finished, in order to properly integrate all components of the control automation system, extensive programming must take place.

Our PLC Engineering & Programming Services


Processor, Communications, and I/O Configuration

Quantum begins by building the hardware profile of your system into our programming software. Selection and configuration of the processor, communication modules, and all I/O modules are necessary for the system to perform as designed.


I/O Mapping and Scaling

Once the program includes all necessary hardware, we now must program in scaling for all I/O modules, so that each device communicating to the system is doing so with the appropriate units. Quantum studies user manuals for all devices in the system to ensure we accurately depict and utilize the necessary inputs and outputs of each device.


Manual Mode Device Programming

Quantum programs in manual control of each output device in the system, using custom-built Add-On-Instruction (AOIs) for the flawless control of each different type of device. Customers get a clean look and feel on the HMI graphics and pop-ups, which gives operators flexibility and consistency when performing maintenance or troubleshooting on a specific device.


System Auto Mode Programming and Sequencing

Quantum works closely with your team to develop a functional description or sequence of operations (SOP) for your system. This document, which we finalize with your team before auto programming starts, allows us to communicate and validate exactly how your system should respond in different scenarios.


Path Selection and Verification Programming

From Clean-In-Place (CIP) equipment path selection to complex variety pack palletizer path selection, Quantum provides user friendly path selection programming with all the interlock and system checks required to ensure your product ends up at the right location.


System Alarm and Status Programming

Quantum includes extensive device alarming on every output device with feedback, ensuring the device is functioning properly.  We also utilize our vast experience to step through each part of the process to accurately report system status and alarm on events that are critical to the process.


Messaging and Interlock Programming

Quantum works with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and your facility to define interlocks and information needed across the facility.  We program messages, utilizing message cycling and communication alarms to ensure efficiency and accuracy, to these other machine centers and areas to produce or consume the required data.  Messaging between systems is necessary to successfully integrate machine centers and other process areas into one functional control system.


PLC/HMI Pre-Startup Emulation and Testing

Quantum fully emulates and tests all possible areas of our programming before arriving onsite. This includes HMI navigation, manual programming, sequencing, alarming & status programming, and more.  We understand that the onsite environment is much different than the theoretical environment of emulation, so we strive to be 100% prepared in our office, so we can focus onsite time to delivering the most functional and flawless system possible.

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