Track and Trace System Automation

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Track and Trace System Automation


Track and trace systems allow for a manufacturing facility to track their products and trace the product back to a specific batch of product or the raw materials utilized. Track and trace allow for greater visibility into the product’s manufacturing and into the product, which can allow for increased efficiencies and productivity levels.

Industries with stricter regulatory agencies, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or food and beverage have a much higher need for a track and trace system.  Automated track and trace systems are comprised of software and various sensors to ensure they stay compliant with regulatory agencies. With a track and trace system implemented, manufacturers and facilities are able to gain the visibility into the process to avoid wasted time and extra, unnecessary production waste.


Benefits of Track and Trace Systems:

More efficient supply chain tracking

With the ability to follow materials and products as they travel through a manufacturing facility or a supply chain, manufacturers can identify areas of waste or lower productivity

Tracking raw materials usage

By tracking material usage, manufacturers have more visibility into the process and are able to identify areas of lowered productivity and waste. This visibility also gives manufacturers the ability to improve sustainability.

Reduce the scope of a potential product recall

With an automated track and trace system, manufacturers are able to recall the product in a timely manner by easily knowing what product was impacted with a click of a mouse.

Minimize paper and manual data entry

With track and track automation systems, paper documentation and data entry is minimized due to the entire process being integrated with their existing systems automatically. All manufacturing and production data can be located in a centralized system.

Easy accessibility

Any necessary personnel can access information from anywhere at the click of a mouse with a PC and access privileges.

Integrates with existing systems

Integration with existing controls systems allows manufacturers to validate that the necessary information was entered before moving the product through the supply chain.

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Track and Trace Systems Help Mitigate Risks and Recalls


While no manufacturer looks forward to being at fault for a product recall due to mistakes, contamination, safety issues, or design defects, there are ways to prepare for and mitigate these risks and ensure the proper product batches and quantities are recalled. With track and trace, manufacturers can more easily and accurately recall affected products.

Legislation on product recalls can make it critical to be able to easily identify which products produced by a manufacturer have been impacted by a recall. Many manufacturers have to rely on hardcopy data and documentation to be able to track down products affected by a recall. This hardcopy data can easily lead to mistakes or even lack the necessary data, causing issues and complications for manufacturers.


Track and Trace: A Critical Operations Tool for Manufacturing


Aside from mitigating risks of recalls and improving the recall process, track and trace systems provide additional benefits to the overall operations of a manufacturing facility. Track and trace systems allow manufacturers to be able to ensure consistent product quality by being able to double check the recipes or raw materials used and ensure they meet quality control specifications.

Track and trace automation systems typically utilize serialization, RFID, or barcodes to trace the product through the entire production process, even all the way back to the raw materials utilized. This allows for manufacturers to gain a better understanding of the raw materials they are actually using, and allows for reduced waste and costs while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Automated track and trace systems reduce the amount of oversight and data entry needed, minimizing the time necessary to track products through the manufacturing process and supply chain. Instead of utilizing hardcopy documentation, all data regarding a product is stored in an easily accessible system that can be integrated into the overall control system for greater visibility into the processes.

Phase 1 – Discovery


  • Information gathering from standard audit questions and sheets.
  • Review existing processes to adapt and improve current processes, interviews with quality control, engineering, and operators to understand PLC and HMI hardware, equipment capabilities and necessary interlocks.
  • Agreement on unified philosophy with the customer.

Phase 2 – Development


  • Develop and customize the displays, interlocks, and functionality to accommodate the desired processes defined during the discovery phase.
  • Reviews at 30/60/90% milestones to ensure customer satisfaction and functionality matches expectations

Phase 3 – Implementation


  • Implement and test the functionality of track and track system.
  • Adjust to functionality changes to improve efficiencies and functionality
  • Release training documentation.
  • Train necessary manufacturing staff on the newly implemented system.

Quantum Solutions is Your Track and Trace Automation System Partner


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With the ability to follow materials and products as they travel through a manufacturing facility or a supply chain, manufacturers can identify areas of waste or lower productivity


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