Migrate Legacy Control Systems in Manufacturing

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Why You Need Legacy Control Systems Migration?

Technology is changing at a rapid rate, so is the world that our customers serve.

Over time, even the most advanced control system will become obsolete — modern capability requirements will expand, communication protocols will improve, vendors will discontinue replacement parts and support will become exceedingly harder to obtain. Every business will need control system integrators at some point. Allen Bradley PLC 5 to Controllogix is one of the more recent examples of this. 

Without a life cycle analysis, how will you know when it’s the right time to upgrade from a legacy PLC or DCS system to a control system that can support future growth?

Developing a detailed plan and strong controls migration strategy can depend on finding a progressive, future-focused systems integration partner — a partner such as Quantum Solutions. Whether it’s replacing a single controller or changing systems throughout multiple lines and/or plants, QSI has the tools, experience, and proven track record to help you plan for a stable and successful future.

Start the Migration Now!

Don’t wait until your control system is on its last leg. Update your system now to avoid a major pain point in operations down the road. 

Waiting to replace an obsolete controller at the time of failure can result in


Days of downtime and much higher costs

than if the migration strategy were planned ahead of time.


Increased operational costs

the longer an obsolete control system is in place.

  • Limited or out-of-production
  • Aging or retiring workforce capable of maintaing
  • Communciations & diagnostic limitations increase troubleshooting difficulty

Decreased efficiency and performance issues

resulting from older control systems that are at or near their workload capacity.

Quantum Solutions is Your Migration Partner

Quantum Solutions is helping engineering, maintenance, and facility managers across the country with legacy control migration. We have the lessons learned, the experience, the resources, and the proven customer relationships that comes with over 20 years of successful controls systems know-how. Our control system integrators can help modernize your systems for improved efficiency.

Upgrading to a newer control system with Quantum Solutions brings a number of benefits, including:


Increased Flexibility, Performance, Visibility, and Data

all factors in running a plant more efficiently, with better yield and less waste.


Higher Reliability and More System Features

including faster, more accurate process control.


Greater Network Security, Efficiency, and Redundancy

that come with standardizing on a single control network platform with proper segregation.


Reduced Maintenance Requirements and Lower Operating Costs

eliminate the need for staff to be trained in multiple software and communication platforms and save OpEx funds spent on annual software licensing.


Available Credits and Discounts

for system replacement through quality integrators, like Quantum Solutions.

Allen Bradley PLC 5 to Controllogix Migration – Kraft Heinz

The Allen Bradley PLC 5 system has been around for many years as one of the first and most popular programmable controllers. Now that the PLC 5 has been discontinued, the migration to Controllogix is necessary. Quantum Solutions provided a complete conversion for the Kraft Heinz Company for the migration of the Allen Bradley PLC 5 to Controllogix for an efficient, modern, and updated system.

The Right Approach


Replacement isn’t an overnight solution. Whether the migration happens all-at-once or is carried out over time, it takes a carefully-laid strategic plan to do it right. The professionals at Quantum Solutions can lead you through the process for guaranteed results.


Phase One-Site Survey

  • Define a Plan
  • Gather Information On-Site
  • Control System Overview

Phase Two-Assessment & Consultation

  • Consultation
  • Analysis & Report
  • Solution Recommendations
  • Flexible, Long-Term Planning

Phase Three-Execution

  • Define Stop Gap Measures
  • Custom Integration Plan
With over 20 years of experience in the industry and over 100 years of combined experience in the leadership team, Quantum Solutions can be your dedicated and reliable partner in your legacy control migration. We have the right experience, engineers, knowledge, approach, and support to help you migrate your legacy control systems.

Quantum Solutions can help you migrate from older systems, such as the Allen Bradley PLC 5 to Controllogix, in order to become more productive and effective.

Contact us today to start upgrading your legacy control systems!

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