Downtime, breakdowns, rejects and changeovers are all part of the production process. But spending two hours changing over a line, guesstimating where an issue lies, or watching your efficiency drop below 85% doesn’t have to be.

With Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) you can identify and isolate the issues affecting the performance of your machines or lines – and make data-driven decisions around how to improve performance and achieve greater ROI.

OEE gives you the competitive edge you need

OEE is a process that measures how a machine or line is performing against how it should be performing. It tracks every minute of performance and monitors every alarm, alert or stoppage to tell you where issues are arising and why. The resulting data helps you make continuous line improvements so your equipment is running as efficiently as possible.

OEE monitors the following to gauge overall effectiveness:

Availability. Planned downtime and breakdowns.
Performance. Minor stops and speed loss.
Quality. Number of rejects.

Setting it up is simple. QSI’s seamless OEE solutions often don’t require any additional hardware on plant machinery – nor do they change your equipment in any way. All we do is install a server loaded with software customized to your individual needs. This software runs constantly in the background, gathering information and logging data, so that you can identify areas for continuous improvement.

OEE also means overall employee effectiveness

OEE doesn’t just help your equipment run better – it helps your employees do more.

For example, if a machine occasionally stops for a fault and the operator fixes the issue every time without getting maintenance involved, there’s a greater chance that the fault could lead to an hour of downtime across three shifts. By putting an OEE system in place, this fault is identified as a major contributor to downtime so the maintenance team can step in and focus their attention on resolving the issue in order to get the machines and the line at peak performance.

There’s no more writing down error logs on a whiteboard. No more manually entering data into a database. And no more generating Excel reports. QSI’s seamless OEE solutions deliver insight and value to everyone in your plant from operators through leadership

With OEE your plant engineer has the data they need to see what design or programming improvements can be made to improve your overall output. Maintenance knows what components are liable to break down and when, allowing them to proactively replace parts and schedule preventative maintenance. Operators have an at-a-glance baseline for performance that they can seek to improve.

On top of that, management can boost your company’s bottom line by doing more with less. How? With the constant incremental improvement made possible by OEE, you can get more out of your existing equipment – rather than making expensive equipment purchases or line expansions. This makes your company competitive against others in the field, as well as against other plants within the same company.

OEE is a smart, low-risk decision

The ease with which OEE can be introduced means that implementing it is a smart, low-risk decision. It doesn’t change the way your line runs, and it doesn’t require an investment in expensive equipment. On top of that, you’ll be able to see important trends almost immediately – and make smart, data-driven decisions within just 6-8 weeks. You’ll get more out of your equipment and your workers, along with a jump on the competition.

Speak to QSI today about implementing OEE on your lines, and watch your production efficiency and bottom line grow.

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