The COVID-19 outbreak is reshaping lives and neighborhoods. As a company unreservedly committed to our employees, our customers, and our communities, QSI is doing everything in our power to minimize its impact.

Informed by expert advice, we are taking actions that comply or even exceed CDC guidance – all to keep our workforce and surrounding communities safe.

Our social distancing, sanitization measures, and working from home are all steps that will help flatten the curve. So too will aligning with our clients’ individual risk minimization requirements and expectations when on-site.

We realize that manufacturing businesses are experiencing unique challenges. Constant communication is essential to help our customers succeed during this difficult time. As a nimble, adaptive company, we will always find ways to meet your changing needs while putting safety first.

Right now, this means shifting to remote and automated solutions:

Remote access.
Diagnosing and solving issues from afar doesn’t need to be challenging. Our secure remote access capabilities empower us to quickly, safely and efficiently analyze and solve emerging issues to support your team. We can get customers started with hardware that can be connected and configured remotely, allowing us to troubleshoot and provide support while adhering to social distancing guidelines, and even across the country. With remote access, projects don’t need to stop. Even if a site is running on a skeleton crew, or is restricting personnel access for safety reasons, you can still progress by proactively laying the groundwork keep things running smoothly.

Production support. Due to COVID-19 many plants are running with reduced personnel. Some may also face challenges sourcing OEM equipment technicians. As industrial automation experts, we can help fill these gaps experienced by manufacturers nationwide. We are also more than happy to serve customers within driving distance. We stringently adhere to customer’s individual risk minimization guidelines, conducting our business safely and efficiently while on-site.

Ad hoc problem solving. QSI exists to solve problems. We offer tailored solutions to meet business and production challenges as they arise. Many customers currently face unprecedented demand, running overtime as production ramps up. Using our real-time overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) diagnostics, you can minimize waste and maximize yield. We can also help customers future-proof their businesses with solutions that maximize output, minimize human error and automate repetitive tasks. The outcome is better ROI and improved overall worker satisfaction.

We understand that COVID-19 is changing the way the nation lives and works, and we are here to support our customers every step along the way. We are actively reaching out to customers, and invite you to speak to us about solutions to help troubleshoot or maximize output during times of restructure and change.


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