Since Quantum Solution’s inception in 1997 by founder Dale Frey, QSI has been a leading force as a full-service integrator of control and automation systems with offices throughout the Midwest serving clients nationwide.

With over two decades of experience developing PLC and HMI systems, QSI designs and integrates control systems that improve efficiency, safety, and productivity. Our skilled electrical engineers are the backbone of the QSI team, averaging over 8 years of experience with our company.

At QSI, we take pride in building our team to perform as a well-oiled machine, just like the systems and solutions we provide our customers. Over the years, our team has crafted these five core values to keep us accountable and to challenge us to strive for excellence daily.

Collaborative Leaders

Intellectual and introspective leaders who take the initiative to partner with clients in solving problems.

“With over 70 years of experience between the leadership team, we put our customers first and view them as our partners in providing the best solutions for their processing needs,” said Eric Casciaro, CEO. “We also focus on being the best team leaders we can to our employees who are tackling challenges and providing innovative solutions to our customers daily.”

Experienced Professionals

Dedicated experts committed to efficiency and represent the company well.

“We have some of the best of the best in the engineering field on our team,” said Casciaro. “We are focused on monitoring, maintaining, and improving our culture so that our team views QSI as their career. In a demanding industry, we have managed to retain talent that our customers enjoy working with on project after project, building a trust and knowledge base of their operations that supports long-term customer relationships.”


Friendly and approachable engineers who communicate well with customers.

“Though we may be the ‘geeky’ brains behind the migration, modernization and automation solutions, we are relatable and take time to develop meaningful business relationships with our customers,” said Will Worth, Director of Engineering. “At times it feels like we are searching for unicorns, but engineers with personalities do exist, and we seek them out.”


Reliable, motivated, and hardworking talent, accountable and engaged to the company purpose and values.

“It’s safe to say, we get a lot done,” said Mike Rickey, Director of Design Engineering. “When hiring we look for candidates who are accountable, ambitious and don’t back down from a challenge.”

“Our team is always searching for ways to drive efficiency and productivity, not only for our clients, but also within our own performance,” Casciaro added.


Creative and versatile experts committed to continuous improvement.

QSI is always looking for qualified team members who have that enduring hunger to learn and grow their craft as the industry and the needs of our customer-base change.

“There is no problem too big or challenge too tough for our team,” said Casciaro. “We always have our finger on the pulse of the industry and assist our customers with leveling up and modernizing their systems so they can run their businesses as efficiently as possible.”

In our years of experience, we’ve been dedicated and trusted partners with our clients. Our clientele ranges from small startups to large corporations. No matter the size of the organization, Quantum Solutions can custom build a control system that integrates with all other manufacturing lines to help increase efficiencies and productivity, resulting in increased income for our clients.

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