QSI is thrilled to welcome Jason Phillips to the team as our new Sales and Operations Manager. Jason comes to us after an extensive career in the telecommunications industry where he’s worked for over 20 years, most recently in a consumer sales operations role.

Always passionate about developing people and initiatives to help them thrive, Jason built a reputation for his ability to coach, develop and initiate positive change among staff at all levels of the organization – from Vice Presidents and Directors to Account Executives to frontline staff.

It’s exactly the kind of work he’ll be doing with us.

“What I love about working with people who don’t directly report to you is that it teaches you to use all carrot and no stick. It trains you to come up with different ways and conversations to drive initiative and change in a positive, upbeat manner,” Jason says.

A high school friend of CEO Eric Casiaro, Jason first came on board at QSI as a consulting partner engaged to optimize our organizational efficiency and build our sales capacity.

“We began with a role clarity exercise, which involved talking to everyone in the organization to define their tasks and responsibilities,” says Jason. “The resulting handbook maps out the core aspects of any role, and how the organization as a whole fits together. It’s great from an accountability perspective, makes it easy to map out your career path, and determine what kind of skills gaps might need to be bridged to get there.”

Fortuitously, the role clarity exercise made it clear that there was room at QSI for a stellar Sales and Operations Manager, and Jason leapt at the opportunity.

“I’ve always been passionate about working with people. The last thing I ever want to do is be part of a team that gets results, but where people are miserable,” he says. “I love to deliver results by leaning on the right people to get it done.”

Already Jason appreciates the energetic, collaborative nature of the team – and the fact that people aren’t siloed in their offices.

“You can really tell that the team enjoys what they do. There’s a lot of problem solving as a group, with people helping each other out and participating in group challenges or initiatives. That kind of camaraderie also carries over to the customer experience as well – the rapport they’re able to build with customers facilitates better outcomes and experiences. And clients know that they have access to any member of the team when needed.”

Jason’s goal in his new role is to prime the QSI team to do even more of what we already do so well.

“I want to help build the sales team in terms of both people and numbers. 2020 has shown us how important it is to be nimble as a business, as well as efficient and creative with our resources. For example, our engineers are the best at what they do, and they’re on the frontline with our customers. In a way this makes them natural salespeople. By giving them the tools to efficiently help sell our services, we can help them do more of what they love – engineering.”

While Jason notes that there’s definitely been a learning curve involved in shifting from a company that offers very discrete, tangible products to one that sells complex services, he says it’s been one of the most fun, exciting learning curves of his career.

“Not having a background in electrical engineering, I’m challenged to be truly thoughtful in how I find, leverage and delegate the right people for each task. Having an outside perspective also lets me explore problems from a higher level, get more people involved – and encourage more collaboration.”

Jason has hit the ground running, and we look forward to seeing how he helps QSI expand our capacity, reputation and results in 2021 and beyond.

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